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Journal Publications

May 2018   Contact quantization: quantum mechanics = parallel transport.

Arch. Math. (Brno). **IN PRESS**, 1805.11731

With E. Latini and  A. Waldron

Apr 2018   Contact geometry and quantum mechanics.

Phys. Lett. 1709.04557​​

With A. Waldron

Oct 2016   Parity horizons in shape dynamics.

Class. Quant. 1508.06704

Oct 2015   Towards black hole entropy in shape dynamics.

Class. Quant. 1410.4248

With V. Shyam

Aug 2014   A rotating black hole solution for shape dynamics.

Class. Quant. 1310.6095

With H. Gomes


Sept 2017   A tour through shape dynamic black holes. 1709.08825

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